Glória, myself and Célia at Célia’s PhD defense February 2012



Dinis, myself and Glória at Glória’s seminar March 2017





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  • João Brás UBI – Dynamics of continuous functions on the real line. Master in Mathematics UBI. Concluded October 2013.


  • Célia Ferreira FCUP – Ergodic and geometric theory of conservative and hamiltonian Concluded February 2012 and Supported by FCT. PhD program Coimbra/Porto , co-supervising together with J. Rocha. Her thesis received the Eng. António de Almeida Award (best thesis in the University of Porto in the areas of Mathematics, Statistic and Computer Science in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014). She’s currently working as Risk Analyst at Millennium – BCP.


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  • Glória F. Carvalho FCUP – Asymptotic behavior of compact skew-product semiflows on Hilbert spaces. Doctoral Program in Applied Mathematics, co-supervising together with J. Rocha (2011-2016). Concluded March 29, 2017 and Supported by FCT.


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