Work in Progress


  • M. Bessa, and M. Carvalho, Liouville formula for continuous flows.
  • D. Amaro, M. Bessa and H. Vilarinho, The Lyapunov spectrum of second order linear differential equations. 
  • M. Bessa, A. Rodrigues and M. Carvalho, Reversing-symmetric dynamics.
  • M. Bessa and M.J. Torres, Stability of Lipschitz incompressible flows.
  • M. Bessa, M.J. Torres and P. Varandas, C0-generic theory of Lipschitz continuous flows.
  • M. Bessa, J.L. Dias and J.P. Gaivão, On the dynamics of conformal symplectic maps.
  • A. Azevedo, D. Azevedo, M. Bessa and M.J.Torres, On the dynamics of Sobolev homeomorphisms.
  • M. Bessa and M.J.Torres, Explosion of topological hyperbolicity from a homoclinic classe up to the whole surface.
  • M. Bessa, P. Morais and R. Pacheco, Gradient flows on Lorentzian manifolds.